Want to advertise in Presto-Strange-O? Awesome!

Presto-Strange-O is a quarterly print zine featuring a range of strange fiction. If you want to reach an audience of hip, literate weirdos, Presto-Strange-O will be glad to take your money in exchange for ad space! Take a looksie at our rates:

Full Page – 5.5 x 8.25 inches – $25
Half Page – 5.25 x 4 inches – $15
Quarter Page – 2.5 x 4 inches – $8
Classified ad – Text only – 10¢/word – $4 minimum

All rates are for black and white for the time being. We may add color options in the future. If you’re interested in placing an ad, contact us at and we’ll getcha all set up.

Need help designing your ad? We will gladly provide a Photoshop template for free, or for $10 extra, we can design it for you with our mad graphic design skills. The design will be yours forever to re-use again and again!


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