Submission Guidelines

We are currently CLOSED to FICTION submissions. We shall re-open in two weeks or so. Thanks for your patience!

Want to be a part of this thing called Presto-Strange-O? Then take a look at our submission guidelines!

Fiction is Presto-Strange-O’s lifeblood! Without it, our pages would be mostly blank, and who wants a zine full of blank pages? Not you, I’m sure. Presto-Strange-O wants fiction that is weird. Genre doesn’t matter; we like them all! Sci-fi, fantasy, horror, romance, bizarro, surreal, western, literary—they’re all good, yo—there simply must be something weird going on in the story. Something strange. We really like stuff that’s funny, but we don’t dig stuff that reads like it’s trying too hard. Dark humor is awesome. Try to keep it under 2,000 words. Reprints rock, as long as you still have to rights to it (and let us know where it was previously published). Try to keep it clean—none of this pr0n stuff all the kids are talkin’ about, and try not to drop too many f-bombs—you’re better than that. Also, we ain’t too keen on political stuff. Simultaneous submissions are okay; just let us know if it’s accepted elsewhere. Multiple submissions are not. We like our submissions like we like our basketball; one-on-one and with as little dribble as possible.

Not Fiction
Personal essays, recipes with strange stories surrounding them, other stuff that’s not fiction. All we ask is that its weird and/or funny and under 2,000 words.

Also known as eye-candy. We want drawings, cartoons and comics! Artwork should be black and white or greyscale; color is for communists. We like stuff that’s retro-flavored (we’re huge fans of ‘50s ad art, golden age comics, Max Fleisher cartoons), and we like stuff that mixes cute and disturbing. We’re also big fans of ‘40s and ‘50s pinup art. Mix any of those things up with some weirdness, and you’ve got the right idea. We may post requests for specific art on our blog.

Cover Art
We’re always looking for black and white cover art! Our cover dimensions are 5.5 inches wide by 8.5 inches tall. You can incorporate the title into the cover art (the exact title is Presto Strange-O). We may post requests for specific cover art on our blog.

PSO is a paying market. We don’t pay much, but it’s better than a slap in the face. Fiction under 1,000 words gets $3. Fiction over 1,000 words get $5. Cover art gets $12, and interior art/cartoons/comics get $6. Ka-ching! All payments made via Paypal. Part of your payment will be eaten by their lovely PayPal fees. Ain’t that always the case . . . We pay on publication.

How to Submit
Send your stuff to: Send writing as an RTF attachment (Word docs are for fools, yo). Use a nice, sensible font like Helvetica or Courier, none of this Comic Sans or Curlz MT crap. Sent artwork as a TIFF, PDF or PSD attachment. You can send a 72 dpi low-res version on initial submission. On acceptance, we’ll ask for a hi-res (300 dpi) version. A web link to the specific piece you’re submitting is cool, too.


2 responses to “Submission Guidelines

  1. Michael A. Kechula

    On what date will you accept fiction submissions?

  2. Hi Michael,

    We will probably re-open to submissions sometime in June.

    the PS crew

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