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Presto Strange-O Issue #1 Coming Together!

The debut issue of Presto Strange-O is coming together nicely. All of the rejection and acceptance letters have been sent! We’re hoping to have this issue done and printed by April 24.

We can still use some art work, so feel free to submit any art by April 20. You can see our current art needs in the previous post.


Still Reading – Artwork Needs

Hello world!

We’re still plowing through submission here at Presto Strange-O headquarters. If you still haven’t heard from us, don’t worry, you will soon, probably in the next week.

We’re still closed to fiction submissions, but we’re open to art, comics, and cartoons! In fact, here are our current artwork needs. We prefer black and white line art. If it has a retro flavor, that makes it all the better:

spaceship / rocket / planets / outer space
a T-Rex
a cockroach or two
a fish
a male doctor or medical stuff

Also, any comics or cartoons that have an air of oddness or absurdity are welcome!

Open for Submissions!

Presto Strange-O is now open to submissions of fiction, not fiction and art! Click the “Submission Guidelines” link at the top of the page for more info.